How Can I Help?

Review the proposal on the page that relates to your classification, and any subsequent updates posted on the page. If you have observations or comments that can help guide the CAPS Bargaining Team in arriving at a new classification series for you, please post your remarks. Encourage your colleagues to join CAPS, if they aren’t a member already, then to review the page and comment as appropriate.

Can I Expect A Response To My Posts?

Not necessarily. CAPS representatives will review the board frequently.  Other CAPS members may comment on your suggestions, but don’t expect CAPS representative to respond briefly. This is a discussion forum, not question and answer.

Why Are My Comments Reviewed In Advance?

All posts are briefly reviewed prior to being posted to ensure they comply with the Rules Of Conduct. This is done to ensure that all posts remain on topic and are not discourteous to others.

Who Resolves Disputes Regarding Posts For This Forum?

The CAPS Bargaining Team will make the final decision regarding all content of this Forum.

Why Is Discussion Here Limited To CAPS Members?

Any final results from this Project will apply to all state scientists, including fee payers. That includes any new compensation negotiated by CAPS. Along the way, however, CAPS listens most closely to CAPS members, so all a fee payer needs to do is upgrade his/her membership via a quick and easy online application:

What is a Subject Matter Expert (SME)?

Subject Matter Experts are appointed by the CAPS Bargaining Team to preview all proposed changes to a classification item to evaluate whether they are consistent with the education, disciplinary and experience requirements typical of the work being done by that particular group of scientists.

Why Aren’t Salary Ranges A Focus Of This Discussion Forum?

First things first. CAPS and Cal HR under deadline pressure to complete the first part of this Project, which is to revamp state scientific classifications, top to bottom. That is complicated time-consuming work. So the initial part of the project, and the focus of this page to start with, is to make sure the classification changes are just right.